An in home caregiver agency providing insured and bonded nurse aides protects you in several ways. Do you think your homeowner’s insurance will cover a caregiver if an accident were to happen in your home? Probably not. What if there is accidental breakage in the home? 

Custom Care Solutions provides in home senior care that is responsible and committed to customer service. Nurse aide service by an agency with employees that are insured and bonded takes the stress and worry out of in home care.

You may be able to find caregivers that work on their own called “private hire” workers or independent contractors. There may be some caregivers that are honest and sincere. If you do decide to hire caregivers that are not working for an agency that insures and bonds their employees, always make sure to check their references. Ask that they show you proof that they, as caregivers, are insured and bonded. It’s up to you at that point to make sure you are paying for a service that is responsible and respectful of your needs. If you use a private hire caregiver or independent contractor agency you become responsible as an employer. For your peace of mind, use an agency that makes sure you receive employees that are insured and bonded. It should be included and is a vital part of their service. We are not implying that all private hire caregivers are not potentially good nurse aides, just be sure to be as careful selecting them as we are!

Monitor In Home Care From Anywhere


If you are a family member or physician and have concerns as to whether errands were taken care of, meal preparation and other personal assistance needs were met throughout the day, you can find out day or night. Simply log on to our website, click on “check on patient’s status”, input your username and password, your patient’s daily activities will be noted so you’ll know that all the errands for that day were taken care of. You can be sure errands, meal preparation and personal assistance needs have all been taken care of at the time specified, as well.

With our service, you will know when your loved ones errands, meal preparation, personal assistance and any other home care service that is noted, has been performed. This allows you and your loved one to spend more quality time visiting and less time worried about what care was provided.

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Insured & Bonded In Home Caregivers

Custom Care Solutions not only offers you state of the art, real time monitoring of a patient’s daily care, careful assessment and a plan of care by our registered nurse in conjunction with your physician, but combines those services with caregivers that we know. We make sure that we are familiar with all of our caregivers before we send them to care for you or your loved one.

Our nurse aides are in touch with the agency on a daily basis. Everyday our nurse aides clock in using our telephony system and report not only to the agency, but to any responsible party that has registered with us, by simply checking their patient’s status on our website. This provides our nurse aides with the ability to keep everyone informed, always, day or night and spend more valuable time providing caring customer service.

At Custom Care Solutions, all of our caregivers are employed by us. We withhold all required state and federal taxes, social security, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance. All of this is designed to make your choice simple…

Custom Care Solutions. Your in home care solution.

Peace of Mind

Custom Care Solutions offers the person charged with overseeing the care of a client, the option to check on the status of their loved one, from anywhere, anytime! This service is great for in home care clients, as well as those in an assisted living facility. All you need is an internet connection for your mobile device or computer. This is especially helpful for family members located long distances from their loved one. Doctors, Nurses or Conservators may also find this to be a quick and convenient solution to patient monitoring.

It is a simple process of logging on to our website, going to our “contact us” page, clicking on “check the status of a patient,” enter your password and check on the list of activities where you may have concerns. If there are concerns about medication reminders, and bathing as part of your in home care service, you can have the caregiver leave specific messages as to when each duty was completed. You can also listen to an audio report if specialized attention is needed. With this feature, you are able to visit with your loved one more and not have to ask all of the questions of the day when you talk on the phone. You also have the added convenience of checking any time, night or day!

In home care without any guess work. Just check in if you have a concern. Also, the office staff is accessible 24/7, when you feel you need to talk to a service consultant.

At Custom Care Solutions, your in home care satisfaction is our primary goal. Our monthly assessments with our Registered Nurse, convenient online reports, and a knowledgeable office staff that is there when you need us, 24/7, will ensure you or your loved one are being provided with the best possible care.