Home Modification Ideas for The Elderly

As our loved ones get older you may find them complaining about new discomfort that has limited their activity. 

You might have even observed the additional trouble they’re having. There are numerous elderly-friendly house changes that can make a home more pleasant and secure. We look at some of the most important actions that can aid.

This is not just limited to outdoor activities but also inside one’s own home. Just one flight of stairs can be a challenge for someone with osteoarthritis.

Home adaptations are designed to make it safer and easier for your loved ones to stick to their normal daily routine. These can include many changes from technical to physical ones. The smallest change can make the biggest difference for the elderly.

Home adaptations for moving around safely

The elderly often suffer from poor eyesight, this can be further exacerbated by darkness. This is why you should make sure their home is well lit and all the light switches are well within reach. 

This can be done by installing a switch panel near the bed, near the toilet, outside the door, etc. Or you can even install motion sensor lights which turn on automatically as soon as the person walks not the room.

Another modification to make moving around safer is to widen door frames or change the placement of the hinges on the door. This is usually specifically helpful for people who move around in wheelchairs.

Home adaptations in the kitchen

The kitchen is also another dangerous part of the home. But many adaptations can be made to make it a safe environment. 

For example, providing a stool to reach the top shelf, a kettle tipper to tip the kettle safely, a spike board, this allows you to cut vegetables with one hand, wide handled cutlery labeled drawers and cabinets, and a trolley or basket to help move groceries from the car to the kitchen or pantry.

Telecare adaptations

Wearable alarms — such as a necklace to call for help in the event of an accident

Movement sensors — such as detecting if you’re out of bed, can be integrated with lighting and heating systems.

Emergency alarms — such as fire and smoke detectors in case of accidental fires

Incontinence sensors — devices that can alert the carer for assistance

Custom Care Solutions provides live-in care packages that provide around-the-clock, professional care. Our live-in carers can help the elderly in maintaining safety, support mobility, and prevent falls.

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