Why is In Home Care So Important After Hospital Discharge?

Recovery from injury and illness doesn’t end when you and your loved one walk out of the hospital doors. Any medical event that requires a hospital stay can take weeks, or even months for a full recovery. Healthy recovery depends on many factors.

Too many Americans often take recovery for granted, failing to realize risks that follow a hospital visit. 18% of hospital visits covered by Medicare are followed by a readmission within 30 days. Readmission can occur when a condition reoccurs, it can also happen because of another, related condition. Many patients experience weakness and fatigue after a hospital stay, increasing the chance of a fall at home that can result in a broken bone.

When your loved one comes home from the hospital, they don’t plan on checking in again any time soon. One of the best ways to reduce their chance of readmission is to ensure they have the in home care they need around the clock. In home care in Palm Desert, CA. after a hospital stay ensures that your loved one receives exactly the in home care they need to increase their chance of a full recovery. This kind of in home care from Custom Care Solutions can come in many forms, from weekly check-ins, to daily visits, to 24/7 support and monitoring.

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